Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midweek Motivation - Endurance

Come what may, all bad fortune is to be conquered by endurance.

photo courtesy of ewwhite

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday Training - Zero Limits

altra intuition 1.5
My new Altra Intuition 1.5

As part of my ZOOMA Ambassador perks, I recently received a pair of Altra Intuition 1.5 running shoes.  I have only worn them a couple of times but am already really liking them.

Altra Zero Drop Footwear
Altra Zero Drop Footwear

So how are they different from my other running shoes?  The main differences for me are the zero drop and a foot-shaped toe box.  Zero drop means the heel and forefoot are the same height off the ground which helps to align the body to its natural position and allows for a more natural foot strike.   The foot-shaped toe box is not just a wide toe box, but actually shaped just like a healthy foot in a sock which helps to maintain proper foot position.

In adjusting to the new shoes, Altra suggests to alternate zero drop shoes with traditional shoes for a few weeks.  I'll give my full review once I've run in them some more...

Have you tried zero drop shoes?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Midweek Motivation - Tough

midweek motivation - "Tough times don't last but tough people do." - A.C. Green
"Tough times don't last but tough people do." - A.C. Green

Whether it's a race or tough times in life, just remember, this too shall pass...

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Break 2014 - Breckenridge, CO

Breckenridge, CO 2014
Beckenridge, CO
We're on our last leg home from a week and a half in Breckenridge, CO.  We had beautiful weather, great snow, awesome skiing, friends, family, and fun.  Little A with the help of a great ski instructor became the last of our clan to catch the ski bug.  Unfortunately a severe injury ended/extended our stay in Breck - my brother fractured his tibia and is waiting for swelling to subside so that the surgeon can repair his leg.  Stay tuned for more details...

Friday, March 28, 2014

Foodie Friday - Lithuanian Cheese

Lithuanian cheese
Lithuanian/farmer's cheese

I'm excited to say, I made Lithuanian (farmer's) cheese just like my grandmothers used to make!  It was pretty easy:

making Lithuanian cheese
Cheesecloth, heating milk, draining curds, hanging cheesebag

1 gallon milk (raw would be the best, but I used organic pasteurized soured milk which makes a tangier cheese)

Before it comes to a boil, take off heat and gently stir in
1/2 gallon buttermilk

The milk will curdle and the whey will separate out.  Once cool enough to handle pour into a cheesecloth bag.  The gauzy "cheesecloth" found in stores will not hold in the curds.  My grandmother's caretaker sewed a linen cheese bag for me (years ago - just finally using it!).  A muslin pillow case works well also.  Hang cheesecloth over bowl or sink.  Once the liquid stop dripping, press the cheese in the bag between 2 boards and weigh down with a weight.  I used two cutting boards and a cast iron pot filled with water.  Leave overnight.

Cheese being pressed between two cutting boards and weighed down with cast iron pot filled with water.

The longer it is pressed the drier it gets.  When it is the desired dryness, remove from bag and salt to taste.  You can also sprinkle with caraway seeds and other herbs.  Enjoy!

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