Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome to Women's Endurance Gear!

I am a mother (of 4 wonderful children - ages 10, 8, 3 and 7 months) and wife of Kovas, who writes the blog Midwest Multisport Life.

My interests include running, hiking, biking, skiing, sailing, yoga, camping, swimming, and other outdoor activities with my family.  Most importantly I try living a healthy lifestyle to feel good and to be a good example for my kids (in hopes they will make healthy choices on their own).

I’ve been running on and off since high school (more off than on since having kids); first race since high school was the Hot Chocolate 5k in 2009, and again in 2010.  We also ran the Bonfield 5k as a family the past 2 years.

My goals this year are to train more consistently, run a 15k, and to do more outdoor activities with the family, all the while testing and reviewing (from a female/motherly perspective) all the great new gear we get.

If you would like a product reviewed or sponsor a giveaway (or both), shoot me an email at  Multisport, outdoor, nutrition and kid-friendly products are the mainstays, but all pitches are welcome.


(Tave myliu Kovai!)


  1. Yahoo, off and running! Tave myliu!

  2. Hi Laima, nice to finally "meet" you. Looking forward to your reviews and insights!

  3. Looking forward to hearing your reviews!

  4. So fun! Looking forward to your reviews...

  5. Very cool!! Looking forward to hearing more from you!

  6. so cool! hi there Mrs. of Kovas! can't wait for the reviews =)

  7. This is great! So glad you are doing this. I'm trying to think about more reviews too. Happy to see you doing this!


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