Friday, April 15, 2011

It's All Too Much

It's purging time in our household.  With 4 kids and a move around the corner, we need to get rid of a lot!  It's All Too Much was a great motivator to jump start the process!

Instead of simply reorganizing your clutter, in It's All Too Much, Peter Walsh encourages readers to determine what kind of life they want to live and how to get rid of all the things that are getting in the way of that life.  Getting rid of all the excess and getting organized helps you live a richer, less stressed, happier, and more focused life.  By imagining the life you want to live, your focus is shifted from the clutter itself and toward your dreams and aspirations for the new life for which you yearn.  If an item does not help you achieve your dream, then it distracts from it, and you should let it go.      

The basic premise is to imagine the life you want to live and your ideal living space.  Then start with a high-speed, low-level purge - F.A.S.T.  Fix a time.  Next get rid of Anything that hasn't been used for 12 months, belongs to Someone else or is Trash.  Next the book takes you room by room and asks you to identify a purpose and then purge anything that doesn't fit the purpose.  Finally after purging all the unnecessary stuff, maintain your uncluttered life.  
Next on my reading list - Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne.  Hopefully the ideas from both of these books will help us pare down and focus on what's really important - enjoying each other!

Do you feel like you need to simplify your life?

Happy Friday!


  1. Yay for decluttering and a pssible move! Decluteering will help with the move and the move will help declutter - win/win!

  2. I totally agree. I've got some major purging and decluttering to do next month :) I'm going to check out that book too!

  3. I said something similar on Kovas's post about this book, but I listened to this book on tape and LOVED it. He has such a good way of explaining and justifying the de-cluttering process, over and above just having a cleaner house.

    I really liked how he talked about all the stuff we save bc it was from someone we loved or is special to us and are we "honoring" the person or the memory in the way we save it (i.e., all of my old race bibs that are stuck wherever. Either get rid of them or DO something with them!). Or saving stuff because it reminds us of something we used to be or want to be (the backpacks my husband is storing for the backpack camping trip we're going to take "someday"...never mind the fact that the packs will have succumbed to dry rot before that day happens. :) Great book!

  4. Kate - I'm guilty of both - but working on changing my ways :)


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