Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tidbit Tuesday

Some random facts from recent Women's Health, Shape and Kiplinger's...

To boost endurance - once a day for two days pre-race, mix omega-3-rich chia seeds into a sports drink.  A new study found this helps you go longer and harder in sessions that last more than 90 minutes. 
Plant a vegetable garden to cut grocery costs.  A 600-square foot garden yields $600 worth of produce for and investment of $70, says the National Gardening Association.
Monogamy is the new massage.  At least that's the takeaway from a recent study in the journal Stress, which shows that a long-term commitment may ease tension in your life.
Peeing post romp reduces women's odds of developing a urinary tract infection by about 80 percent.
You're four times more likely to get sick when you fly.  When booking a seat, try to get seated in the front of the plane.  Research shows there's significantly more air circulating in the front of the plane than in the back. 

Have any interesting tidbits to share?


  1. I may try #1, am already on #s 2 and 4, and am entirely unconvinced of #3. :)

    One of my favorite quotes of late that will probably be worked into a blog post before long: "Things we perceive as personal limits usually just mark the limit of our comfort level, not the limit of any actual ability." ~Dawn Dais in The Non-Runner's Marathon Guide for Women

  2. So joining the mile high club should be in the front restroom when possible, and the woman should pee post-romp for additional health benefits. I like it, great advice!

  3. I keep putting off buy my some chia seeds. This is the second blog that I have read that they are good. I'm afraid I wont like them.


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