Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2Toms BlisterShield Review and Giveaway!

BlisterShield Skin Guard Protection for Feet

BlisterShield creates an almost frictionless surface on the foot, reducing heat build-up and blister formation. When applied to the foot, this remarkable powder repels moisture keeping skin dry and blister-free for lengthy periods of activity. BlisterShield significantly reduces discomfort and fatigue, resulting in increased performance and a more pleasurable exercise experience.

2Toms was established by Tom Lewis and Tom Judd; a scientist from M.I.T. and a business entrepreneur. Both loved to hike and took great pride in leading active, healthy lifestyles. The pair often found themselves wondering how to prevent odors, blisters and chafing. Through extensive research, their first product BlisterShield was born. This product addressed how to prevent blisters and was an instant success. In addition to great shoes and great socks, 2Toms BlisterShield is a must for preventing blisters.

I used this product on both short and long runs, in cooler and warmer conditions, and can honestly say I had no rubbing or signs of a blister.  This non-staining, non-toxic, non-greasy powder creates a water barrier that lasts under extreme conditions to keep feet dry.  The powder goes directly into your socks, immediately making your toes feel silky soft.  Throughout my runs my feet stayed dry and comfortable.  One caution, BlisterShield makes wood, tile and concrete floors very slippery!


 Be a follower and leave a comment below for a chance to win some 2Toms BlisterShield!  
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Giveaway ends Monday, May 9th at midnight.

Also, enter the 2Toms Worst Blister Contest on FB  for a free BlisterShield sample and a chance to win a 6 month supply of 2Toms products (Kate - - you should enter your pics!).

Disclaimer:  I was sent this product for free to review on my blog, courtesy of Transmyt Marketing, via Kristin Vallacher.  I did not pay for these items, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review.  Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)


  1. Can't wait to try this. I agree Kate should enter her feet for the win.

  2. No kidding!! Where was this post BEFORE my marathon?? :) I'm definitely entering, and I sincerely pity the person who beats me. If their blisters are worse, they deserve to win. And a purple heart.

  3. I follow. Kate's blister look awful. Than poor girl. I'm glad my first marathon did not have weather like that. Mine it was in the 60's perfect weather.

  4. I could always use some blister shield!!! : )

  5. I just saw this product at my local running store and was curious! Thanks for the chance to win :)
    I follow!

  6. This looks awesome!! I follow you! Not in a weird stalker sort of way though.

  7. I added the giveaway to my blog!

  8. -I follow on GFC via Twitter(same user name.)

    -I'd love to try these! :)

  9. Tweeted the giveaway:


  10. Posted on the blog: http://www.babyweightmyfatass.com/

  11. I think I'll give my entry to Kate. :)

  12. I really like 2Toms products after being sent some to try out this winter. Fortunately I don't suffer from blisters! Good luck to the entrants!

  13. Best wishes to all the entrants! I haven't had blisters on my feet in ages... might be due to my slacker training :P Or maybe I'm just fortunate that way. It sounds like a super cool product though :)


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