Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Lady of the Marathon

Run Your First Marathon will empower runners with the courage to train, the willpower to persevere, and the tenacity to reach the finish line.
I have to admit, I read this book mostly because Grete Waitz wrote it.  As an accomplished runner, Grete uses her knowledge to create an informative reference filled with basic knowledge for the first time marathoner.  She stresses balance, rest days and listening to your body to avoid injury.  In the book you'll find a 16 week plan, tips on preparing physically and mentally, choosing equipment, advice on nutrition and more.   

About the authors:

Grete Waitz  is widely regarded as one of history's greatest marathoners.  She had not run a marathon before October 1978 but was invited to race the New York City Marathon as a “rabbit.”  Grete ended up winning the race and setting a world record.  In all she won the New York Marathon 9 times, a world championship gold medal and an Olympic silver.  In 2005 she was diagnosed with cancer and died on April 19, 2011 at the age of 57.  She was an inspiring athlete and incredible human being.

Gloria Averbuch is a runner and the author of numerous books, including New York Road Runners Complete Book of Running & Fitness.

At the moment I am not training for any event.  I use my running as a means to stay healthy and sane and to maintain balance.  Lucky for me I have a supportive hubby who understands and supports my needs - ACIU KOVAI!!

Why do you run?  Who is your support system?

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  1. My pleasure - I'm astounded by your rapid progress! Can't wait to start running together.


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