Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Hoping for sun and some relaxing time on the beach, we headed up to Michigan for the long weekend.  Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, but nonetheless, we enjoyed our time away.

Thursday was cold and rainy.  K teleworked from the cottage while the kiddos and I hung out.  Despite the rain and cold, I went out for a nice run along the lake shore.  With the sound of the waves crashing, I was flooded by memories of the fun times I had here as a child.  When we were kids, my brothers and I came here every summer with my grandparents.  After endless hours of beach and waves, we played Uno, Life and Monopoly until it was time for bed.

No blue skies this weekend :(
As we got older, evenings were filled with kick the can and bloody murder.  In my college days, we'd come up with our friends on weekends to get some sun, and at night - bonfires and boozing on the beach.  This is even where K and I first hooked up.  Now with kids we're back to hours of beach and waves during the day and games in the evenings :).

Another bit of nostalgia, that evening we took the children to Timothy's (you can read K's curmudgeonly review here :) ), a fancy restaurant that K and I went to while we were still dating.  Fifteen years ago it was a hip place with great food.  I called to change our reservation to 6 (it was to be just the 2 of us, but because of the weather my aunt (our babysitter) decided to come up a day later), and to my pleasant surprise they told me they were child friendly and even had a children's menu.  It was nice but not how I remembered it - even less memorable for K - he didn't recall having gone:).  The food was good, but not great for the price, and the kids said they prefer The Road House which is our go to bar and grill around the corner from the cottage.

Gaigai (in her bikini) and Munchkin playing in the frigid lake

Next three days, more of the same.  Friday was overcast and cool, so we headed to the outlet mall and then to the beach to let the kids play in the sand.  Saturday was a bit warmer, but still threatening rain.  I went for a nice long run.  Upon my return little A bomb was down for his nap and K had made pancakes - doesn't get much better than that!  With the continuation of the cruddy weather, we decided to head home - no need to endure less than perfect weather - plenty of nice beach days to come!

Saturday's run along Lakeshore Road.

Sunday's storms cancelled Tazer's soccer game.  Finally on Monday - SUN, heat and humidity.  We went from about 40 degrees on Thursday to 90 on Monday.  Started the day again with a pleasant run, and to end the long weekend, we headed to my parent's house for a barbecue and some pool time.

Over all a nice relaxing weekend.  Kids are back to school for the final (hectic and no learning :)) week and a half of school.  We're all looking forward to summer vacation!


  1. Aw, that sounds like a really relaxing weekend.

    Isn't it funny how sometimes the more cheaper, more convenient place is just 'better'?

  2. "First hooked up"? How romantic of you.

  3. How cool you visited your 'hook up' place! :D
    Sorry the weather was all wacked out as usual.

  4. That tree-lined road looks so pretty…i would love running on it. :) What an amazing set of memories stretching back what seems like not just your life but familial generations before you…and you get to share such awesome times with your own brood…fabulous! Stinks about this weekend's weather though :(

    My gadgets! My MIL gave me a huge boxful…check out episode 1 where I explain it ;-)

  5. Looks so beautiful. And it's great that you can share your childhood with your kids like that. I grew up on a lake in Ohio and my parents have since moved. I would have loved to have shared that with my kids!

  6. That sounds like a super great weekend at the Hook Up place.

    So cool you can take the kids there.


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