Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fluff - Camps and Summer Running

First week of summer vacation - woohoo!!  We've had beautiful sunny, cool weather - perfect for running, golf and soccer camps, but not so nice for pool or beach!  Tazer and GaiGai are attending soccer camps and we're all taking (or have taken) golf lessons - even Munchkin - fun for the whole family!  

With our sudden, but brief heat spell a couple of weeks ago, I struggled even with my early morning runs.  In anticipation of the inevitable return of the heat and humidity, here's some advice from this month's issue of Running Times:

In addition to regular training (in other words, suck it up and keep at it), adjust your expectations and attitudes.  Shift to effort over time and look for internal cues and perceived exertion instead of fixating on split times.  Recommendations for hot and humid summertime races are to adjust preparation, expectations and mindset.  Adjusting your preparation includes taking in more electrolytes 2-3 days before race and running shorter warm-ups pre-race.  In adjusting your expectations - realize you will be slower.  And finally, adjust your mindset - everyone is dealing with the same conditions.  Overall - common sense advice.  Same issue has some "Hot Myths" debunked worth checking out also. 

How do you deal with hot humid training/racing?

Happy Father's Day,
especially to Kovas - you're the best Papa! 

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Can't wait for hot weather and trips to the beach! Thanks for the Best Papa nomination.

  2. I've also learned over the years that it's the pre-running preparation that makes the biggest difference.

    When I have a long run coming up and I know it's going to be hot, I stay home the night before so I can drink copious amounts of water and be near a toilet. Heh.

  3. Big believer in letting go of your "normal" paces in the summer. That said, I love to train in the heat and humidity (although not race in it) b/c I feel like it makes me stronger. Have a great weekend and happy father's day to Kovas!

  4. Every summer I say I'm going to take golf lessons...and every summer I take up a new different sport instead. :)

    I'm too lazy to get up early and run or ride, so I just go ahead and do it in the hottest part of the day usually. I drink a lot of water/gatorade, realize I'm going to be even slower, and justify it by figuring it'll help if I have a race on a freakishly hot morning.

    Happy father's day, Kovas! I can't second your nomination (since we have a darn good papa here), but I'm sure you're right up there. :)

  5. So far it hasn't been too hot here. When it does, it is never too hot...I just run in the mornings or evenings and it is perfect. Love lazy summers...including lazy summer training. Hope you enjoy your father's day weekend....KOvas seems pretty cool!

  6. We rarely get too much heat or any humidity in the summer. But when I was rowing in Philly... whoooo weeee. Just lots and lots of water. And pay attention to how you are pacing. Enjoy the summer!

  7. I start running by 5, although in MT we really only have about 6-8 weeks of horrid hot weather and rarely any humidity. But I do allow for a slower pace.


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