Thursday, June 30, 2011

Random Videos Thursday

Midweek beach getaway...

Little A Bomb had his second surgery a week ago - healing well.  
Since then, this is what he's been up to...

The kids call it the "duck walk".

About 5 minutes north from the cottage on Red Arrow Highway are the Warren Dunes...

Lucky for the kids (and me), my younger sis was with us.  So while A Bomb and I hung out on the beach the other 3 were here...


...And this morning I was able to have a nice relaxing run (thanks again to younger sis :)).  No video, just  pics...

Another beautiful day, but we're headed home... back again soon!

Any fun plans for the day?


  1. Missed you guys, glad you had good weather and lots of fun! Drive safe! Myliu!

  2. So much fun! Love the videos.
    Lets see today: run, pool, ice cream, skating lessons...pretty much the usual.

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE new walkers!!!! omgosh... totally took me back... and makes me wish i could have 'just one more'... LOL. I was a big slide addict as a kid so that giant slip n SLIDE looks AWESOME! And that run route is lovely :) What a great slice of your summer to share with us :)

  4. That slide looks awesome. I'm sure Kovas was at the office working very very hard.

  5. I'm glad Little A Bomb is healing well!


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