Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday Willy Nilly

Yay - I love when the delivery trucks stop in front of our house (especially now that the packages aren't always for K:))!  Yesterday I received this sweet pair of shoes from Brooks.

Brooks Ghost 4
My only pair of Brooks was when I was pregnant with number four, so I'm excited to try them again.  The Ghost 4 is a neutral "super balanced wonder".  Brooks DNA adds customized cushioning and Omega flex grooves provide extra flexibility.  They also sport this world's first biodegradable midsole.   Just walking around they feel great.  Can't wait to try them!  I'll let you know whether or not I like them.  Review coming soon...

Moving Comfort Juno bra
Also check out my Moving Comfort Bra giveaway!  Moving Comfort has great bras for all sizes and activities.  If you haven't tried one, now may your chance to win one!  So head over to the Moving Comfort's Sports Bra Finder and then post on their Facebook page 
 *Make sure to post Moving Comfort's FB page 
under discussions, WEG*

Last full day of school for the kiddos (tomorrow they go in for 45 minutes)!  Other than a trip to Lithuania and couple of camps, all we have planned is lots of pool/beach and family time!

Do you have any big plans for the summer?


  1. Shoes sound great! Now I'm disappointed because delivery trucks aren't automatically for me. :)

  2. Like you, lots of pool time. Some camping, lots of bike riding and volleyball, and hopefully a trip to Minneapolis to watch my volleyball player compete at Nationals.

    And boxes for me would be fantastic, but I'm pretty happy with any day that doesn't bring a stack of bills! :)

  3. Glad the truck was for you!
    I enjoy Ghosts. Sounds like a nice summer ahead for you.
    We have trips to Maine and NC planned. Should be good.

  4. I love when the delivery guy comes :) It makes my day!

  5. I love packages on my doorstep!

    We are headed to Jackson Hole this summer to take in the Tetons and Yellowstone. Can't wait!

  6. Ooh, I think the new Brooks Ghost is the shoe my running store wanted to put me in last week but they didn't have it yet. I guess it's supposed to come in wide and that's what I need. I've never worn a neutral shoe but he was saying I might do OK in one because I've been strength training pretty hard... I don't get it, but maybe so... Something about stronger legs changing your shoe needs?


Have you tried this gear? Something similar you like better? Something I should try? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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