Tuesday, July 26, 2011


With a bit of delay...you asked, I answer.

Teamarcia asked...
You do lots of activities: which is your favorite and why?
Depending on the season - I love to ski in the spring, sail in the summer, camp in the fall and hibernate in the winter:)  I like running year round for my sanity and health.

Kovas asked...
If you could use only one word to describe me, what would it be?
stubborn :) self-assured

Molly asked...
I've been asking people this question, what would your last meal be?
Steak, salad and a glass of red wine - and chocolate for dessert

Kate asked...When did you start running?  
In grade school my father would get us up extra early before school and make us run up and down our lane for exercise (and if we missed the bus - all the way to school:)).  My real running started with high school track - I ran hurdles (because the coach couldn't convince anyone else to run them).
What's your favorite thing about running?
My favorite thing about running is how great it makes me feel - mind and body.
What's one of your favorite vacation memories?
My favorite vacation memories are from my childhood - spending my summers at the beach with my grandparents and skiing with my family in the spring.

misszippy asked...Who's faster, you or Kovas?
Kovas - when he writes he started out ssllloooooowwww - that’s due to my “pacing” him:)

*~*~* Tracy asked...Do you have a 'big running goal'...like qualify for Boston by the time you're 50, or something like that
No - may sound strange to some, but my main purpose of running is to keep me on somewhat of an even keel.  I use running as a means to keep fit, think through things and for a little extra bit of time to myself.  I like slowly increasing my pace and distance but not having to worry about missing a run now and then.  Maybe when the kids are all in school, I'll start more serious training.

XLMIC asked...Did you always know you wanted to be a mom?

Did you always want four kids... or do you still want more?  I always wanted at least 3.  I would have loved to have more - Kovas and I are both from large families, but for us the timing/spacing and finances are what capped our family at 6.  

How do you do the juggle? I know how challenging it is :P
I am lucky to be able to stay home with my kiddos.  My two older ones really do help with the two little ones and this summer we’ve started working more on chores, cooking, cleaning etc.  Pretty soon I will be sitting by the pool eating bonbons (as Kovas says/thinks I do now:).

Chris K asked...
1) Was marrying Kovas the proudest moment of your life?  I don’t think proud is the right word - but one of the happiest yes.

2) Where did you grow up? Wayne, Il - about 1/2 hour from where we live now.  My parents still live there - which is part of the reason we haven’t moved in with you:).

3) When you and Kovas are empty-nesters, where do you want to live?  I would like to spend most of my time traveling and have a home base close to our children (hopefully they choose somewhere with nice weather).

4) Laima is an interesting name. What is the story behind it?  I’m named in honor of my mother.


  1. Self-assured? I'll take it. :)

    To eat bonbons by the pool we need a pool. Hopefully Chris has one.

  2. Vacations when you're a kid are a whole different animal than when you're a parent, aren't they? Family vacations are fun now, but they're a different kind of memory than the ones when I was growing up.

  3. Self-assured, are you sure you didn't mean self-absorbed?

  4. I believe that is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle back, Chris.

  5. Start brainwashing your kids now about going to school somewhere warm with lots of trails! It's great that you stay home with the kids (not to mention the bonbons!)

  6. bonbon..that is French...I am a stay at home mom also.of just 2 and I KNOW that you are not eating bonbon all day!!!
    Kovas needs a time out for this one.
    hop to the corner now !!!

  7. I can't wait until I can lounge by the pool and sip cold drinks and munch bonbons! Let me know your secret when you reach that phase!

  8. Bonbons? What time shall I be over?

  9. Dear Kovas:
    Your friend,
    Chris K

  10. your last meal sounds perfect to me!!!!


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