Friday, July 29, 2011

(Random) Friday Fluff

Tazer and Gaigai signed up for the Chicago Kids Triathlon.  Of course it is all about fun at this age, their training consists of horsing around in the pool and at the beach, biking with friends, and running during soccer (and an occasional mandatory run around the block when tempers flare:)).  They had a great time last year, and this year some of their friends will join them so should be even more fun!

Kind of a bummer - during my last LSD with K, according to his Garmin, I'm slower and have been running shorter distances than I thought:(  Turns out my Nike+ needed to be calibrated.  Without hesitation my gear nut hubby said I needed a Garmin:)  After running a calibration run (with Gaigai), I'm back on track, but still considering that Garmin-maybe for my bday.

If you didn't catch his Wednesday post, K tried his hand at shooting (and then ate at a slightly upscale martini bar).  I'm all for trying new things, as long it doesn't lead to this...

Do your kids participate in any races?  
Have you tried a new sport/activity lately? 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Does this mean I have to cut off my mullet?

  2. Very cool that the kids are into running. :)

    I had the same issue with nike+. My fault, I'd read the directions but figured it was close enough. So here I am, posting all my distances and times on facebook and impressing all my friends with my beginner speed...and then in my first 5K, it told me I was finished even before the 3 mile marker was in sight.

  3. Ooh, and a different sport: went orienteering with my husband. Very fun!

  4. Yikes on that picture--so funny. Would it be better than Kovas' new profile pic, though? ; )

    My son has done 5 tris over the past 4 years and really enjoys them. It's crazy how competitive some of the kids are now--my son doesn't train but some of his age group definitely does!

  5. That's great about the kiddos!

    As for Kovas, I have no idea how I missed that post! I love target shooting, and I most certainly do not have a mullet.

  6. My kids have zero interest in running. They are pansies. But I was too as a kid.

  7. my kids love to enter the kids races! they are still pretty young at 5 and 7 but they love it. next one is in a week 0.5 mile!!

    Nike + lies. always. does not matter how many times you calibrate it will lie. I used to use that and then I got a Garmin for Christmas...and a wake up call. I knew Nike+ was off because on race days nothing matched but I did not think it was that off!

  8. I didn't realize they offered kid races. Wow. Very cool.


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