Monday, July 18, 2011

You Ask, I Answer + Rokit Fuel Giveaway Winner

Colleen at IRONDIVA started it all, then The Manly Runner ran with the idea tagging Kovas, who then chose me as one of his 5 with the "You Ask, I Answer Award." 

So, here we go.   Ask me anything, no subject too serious or frivolous (but I'll only answer a limited number of questions regarding life with Kovas). So ask away - and I'll answer only the questions that I choose to answer.

ChrisK liked this idea so much that he turned this into a Blogger Award called the "You Ask, I Answer Award". The Award is bestowed to five people who have to do this on their blog, then pass it on to five others. Everyone uses the same image as the others. I choose:

1.  Amanda at Runninghood
2.  Jill at Run for the Hills
3.  The Running Green Girl
4.  Funderson at The House of Funderson
5.  Penny at Pink Hat Runner

...And for the winner of my Rokit Fuel giveaway, lucky #13

Congratulations Molly, please send me your mailing address, and I'll get the Energy Mixes out to you!  

Also congrats to Laura, from Live Well, Laugh Often, Run Much  who won the giveaway at Midwest Multisport Life.

Happy Monday!


  1. Congrats Molly and Laura!

    You do lots of activities: which is your favorite and why?

  2. Congrats to Molly!

    If you could use only one word to describe me, what would it be?

  3. Thank you! I'm so excited!

    I've been asking people this question, what would your last meal be?

  4. When did you start running? What's your favorite thing about running? What's one of your favorite vacation memories.

    Kovas who? :)

  5. Who's faster, you or Kovas?

    ; )

  6. Do you have a 'big running goal' qualify for Boston by the time you're 50, or something like that

  7. Did you always know you wanted to be a mom?

    Did you always want four kids... or do you still want more?

    How do you do the juggle? I know how challenging it is :P

  8. 1) Was marrying Kovas the proudest moment of your life?
    2) Where did you grow up?
    3) When you and Kovas are empty-nesters, where do you want to live?
    4) Laima is an interesting name. What is the story behind it?


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