Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Fluff

Tuesday Tazer and Gaigai had a half day, so we took the opportunity to head up to Michigan to pick some apples.  Even though  it was raining on and off, we donned our rain gear and had a great time - now we need to figure out what to with all of them:)

K and are back in Michigan to celebrate our anniversary weekend.  Strange not to have the kiddos - all 4 plus the dog are home with my aunt and uncle (exciting, but miss them already).  We're planning to visit some local wineries, do some biking and just relaxing.

Also this weekend - the Lithuanians in Los Angeles are having LT Days (headed up by my brother in law).  Here's a glimpse of the fun they had last year.  The video is kind of long, but hopefully the music itself is enough to make you want to dance!

Happy Friday!!

What is your favorite apple recipe?


  1. That music does make you want to dance!

  2. Your weekend plans sound wonderfully relaxing and fun! My favorite apple recipe is a pie my mom makes that has some type of yummy sour cream crumble on top.

  3. That apple picking trip will be one you guys talk about for years, I bet. Happy anniversary!

    I have a great recipe for apple pie with a streusel topping. Or a sugar pie with apple filling. Either way, it's good.

  4. Have a great weekend!!! Enjoy the time you have with Kovas! And I hope you guys get some dancing in!


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