Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits - All in the Head

Some 25% of college-age people may already have mild hearing loss, according to new research published in the International Journal of Audiology. And aural damage can be exhausting because “your body has to work harder to concentrate on sounds,” says study author Colleen Le Prell, Ph.D. So dial down the volume when using earphones.  If somebody else can hear your music - it’s too loud. 

 Patients who took up a 10-week running program reported a drop of about 40 percent in the quantity and intensity of migraines - as much as they’d get from some meds. Exercise may reduce levels of stress hormones that trigger headaches (International Journal of Sports Medicine). 

 A new study found that the ability to learn and retain information improved after weight-loss surgery. Slimming down improves factors like high blood pressure that may affect the brain, says study author John Gunstad, Ph.D. And that’s true even if you don’t go under the knife to lose. 

 Frequent trips to any kind of store could actually extend your life. In a new study, women who went shopping daily for 10 years - even if they didn’t end up buying anything - were 23 percent less likely to die during that time period than those who browsed less often (Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health). 

Facts taken from Women's Health and Shape magazines


  1. Huh. Well, seeing as I'm at the grocery store almost DAILY, I should be in good shape. :)

    I'm going to pass your migraine tidbit on to my brother who has a terrible time with them.

  2. So THAT's why you shop so much! :)


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