Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Fluff

Bit of bummer news - MRI results indicate I have another torn meniscus :(  Back under the scope asap, and back to running ASAP.  I had the same procedure on my other knee two summers ago.  It was a relatively painless procedure, and with physical therapy a pretty quick recovery.  Hoping for the same experience second time around.  Our family signed up for our local Turkey Day 5k - I was planning to run it, but it looks like I'll be walking with the stroller instead.  Next year we'll have 6 running it!

Never thought I would become the stereotypical soccer mom - but I have (minus the "mom jeans" and taxi bumper sticker).  We live in the 'burbs, and I drive a minivan load of boys and girls to and from practices and games sometimes up to 5 times a week.  The kids My minivan gets muddy and stinky at times.  The other day when I picked up one of the boys, he asked,  "what's that smell?"  My son jokingly replied, it's probably your feet.  He said, no it smells nice.  My son said - it's probably my mom:)

The new look of soccer moms

First frost this morning - time to get out the warmer gear!  Looks like we'll have decent weather for all our weekend plans, which of course include - - you guessed it - soccer.  

Happy Friday!

Any exciting plans for the weekend?   


  1. That stinks, but hopefully the recovery is quick once again. You were really smart to get it looked at so it can get taken care of.

    My soccer mom days are over for a few months since we only do outdoor soccer and the last game was this past Saturday, but I've got a lot more days driving kids to practices. Next year will be weird with only one at home, though.

    16 mile trail run planned...with company! I'm excited. :)

  2. Here is to smelling nice, Mom!

    Good luck with your procedure and hope your recovery is easy and speedy.

  3. Oh no! Sorry about the torn meniscus! Speedy recovery to you.
    Good to know you smell nice though...very nice coming from your kiddo!
    Enjoy our awesome weather!

  4. Sorry about the meniscus! I know you will be back running in no time though!

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