Thursday, October 20, 2011

Raw Power and Reviews to Come

After some warm, almost summer-like weeks, it looks like Chicagoland's weather has turned for the worse to fall.  The silver lining to all the dreary days is that I finally get to try out some new Brooks gear -

Brooks Silver Bullet Jacket, Silver Bullet Wind Tight, and Infinity Hybrid Wind Shirt

And to help stay strong-minded and focused during workouts -

Endorphin Warrior Training Bracelet

Check out the raw power of Lake Michigan - winds of 40 mph and waves to 24 feet - would be perfect to try out my new gear or go for a swim :)

Reviews coming soon!

What's your favorite weather to run in?


  1. I like a variety, but prefer less clothing (strange for a gear-head, right?)

  2. I like 50 and sunny with some clouds. Warm enough to wear shorts and a tank but not too cold.


Have you tried this gear? Something similar you like better? Something I should try? Let me know by leaving a comment!

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