Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits - Exercise and Illness

With the kids back in school and spending more time inside, chances for them catching some sort of bug and bringing it home, greatly increase.  Here are some interesting tidbits  from the current and previous Runner's World to help keep you healthy... 

Running in the rain or cold will NOT make you sick. You’re more likely to catch a cold when you spend more time inside, where germs spread. Some reports suggest cold temps may reduce effectiveness of your immune system, but you’d still have to be exposed to a virus. 

People who exercise have 20% fewer colds than their nonactive peers, report the University of South Carolina. 

Chicken soup for sick runners: the ingredient combo in both home-made and canned varieties has a proven anti-inflammatory effect. 

Runners who ate a cup of blueberries daily for 6 weeks and ran for 2 1/2 hours, had more immune cells and less inflammation and oxidative damage before and after the run than runners that ate no blueberries. Researchers believe anthocyanidins (also found in blackberries and pomegranates) in blueberries are responsible for the protective benefits.

In a study from Munich University, runners drank one to one and half liters of nonalcoholic beer daily for 3 weeks, then ran a marathon. Afterwards they drank NAB for 2 more weeks. Compared to nondrinkers, the NAB group had more killer T cells (a sign of a strong immune sys) and 3 times fewer post race respiratory tract infections. 

So get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather:)


  1. Loving this weather, so glad we got out to the countryside to enjoy it!

  2. Yes, the reason people get sick in winter is not because its cold outside, but because people are spending more time inside...in close quarters with other people. Illness also sprouts up in the hottest part of summer for the same reason. People are spending more time inside where its more comfortable.


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