Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tuesday Tidbits - Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is all about family, football and food.  Here are some interesting facts:

A typical Thanksgiving meal packs in an average of 4500 calories.

Dark turkey meat contains about 30 more calorie and 4 more grams of fat per 3.5 oz serving than breast meat, but it also packs more iron, zinc, thiamin, and riboflavin, and still clocks in at half the fat of beef tenderloin.

People often blame tryptophan, an amino acid in turkey, for causing drowsiness after Thanksgiving dinner.  But turkey contains too small an amount to have any effect on energy levels.  The true culprits, are those extra servings of food and that glass (or 3) of wine you likely had at the feast.

The average stuffing recipe can have anywhere from 350 to 700 calories in a one cup serving and who on earth eats just one cup?

And here's how your favorite slice of pie stacks up:

Pecan Pie - 503 cal, 27 g fat
Apple - 411 cal, 19 g fat
Pumpkin - 316 cal, 14 g fat
Cherry - 486 cal, 22 g fat
Lemon Meringue - 362 cal, 16 g fat

Tidbits from Shape, foxnews.com, Examiner.com

What's your favorite part of Thanksgiving?

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  1. I just like Thanksgiving because it doesn't have such a commercial vibe compared to other holidays.

  2. I love the food and the opportunity to run a race before I eat all that food. :D


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