Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 in Review and Things to Come...

Tazer turns 10 - hard to believe... 

Kovas I started Women's Endurance Gear blog

Little A Bomb's first eye surgery :(

...followed by a road trip out to Breckenridge with the kiddos + my mom, where we met up with my 2 brothers (+one nephew), sister and cousin for a week of warm, sunny spring skiing
Munchkin gets his first new set of wheels for his 4th birthday
(hectic) end of school...and beginning of summer vacation:)
Little A Bomb's second (hopefully final) eye surgery and new adventures 

- lots of time spent at the lake:)
family trip to Lithuania for Kovas' parent's 50th anniversary - family, touring, mushrooming, swimming and paddleboarding

...and some R&R on the Baltic
Munchkin started preschool - ahhh...with only one at home I get to lounge by the pool and eat bonbons
Tazer and Gaigai, along with a bunch of friends compete in their second Chicago Kids Triathlon
completed my 1st half marathon with my best friend of 35 years
soccer, soccer and more soccer...and another torn meniscus for me:(
knee surgery
 Kovas, Tazer and Gaigai keep up our Thanksgiving tradition by running the Bonfield 5k 
PT for me and glasses for Little A Bomb, which hopefully will mean no more surgeries...any tips for keeping them on??
Goals for 2012...

- lots more running and racing, hoping to up my mileage (and keep track of it - 1000 is my goal); so far have only signed up for one race - the Warrior Dash with Kovas; I would like to add some Columbia Muddy Buddies and distances leading up to another half that I am planning for TNF in the fall (where hopefully Kate will park her RV next to us and watch Kovas complete his first ultra);

-contemplating a return to work (gasp - only super part time (registry)) to fund all the races and more vacations:);

-finally and most importantly working on being more patient with the 4 most precious little people (+1 big person:)) in my life...

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, wonderful 2012!

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  1. What a year, looks really good in photos and was fun to boot! Looking for more of the same this coming year - Happy New Year - Myliu!

  2. You had a great 2011! Looks like the coming year has lots in store for you too. Cheers to a healthy and happy 2012!

  3. What an exciting year! Great idea to show it in pictures :)

  4. I didn't realize that was your first half marathon.

    You guys had a lot of great family time. It's really cool that fitness/outdoors can bring you all closer together. Kind of seems like the opposite sometimes in my family. :(

    Assuming N's ankle is healed, I should be in the Chicago area for a volleyball tournament in Feb (around the 18th?). Would be cool if we could manage to meet up. :)


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