Friday, December 9, 2011

Friday Fluff - Snow, Torture Tools and Hawaiian Holidays

First measurable snow fall of the season!  I think it was only 1/2", but enough to cause traffic and get the kids psyched for sledding!

I've finished 4 sessions of physical therapy - yahoo!  In the past two session, my therapist has used some painful techniques and tools to break up scar tissue at both the scope sites on my knee and along my IT band.  Tip of the day - to stay ITB pain free - strengthen your glutes and use a foam roller to roll out the ITB.  This also should prevent future knee problems.

Torture tools:)

As the holiday season seems to get crazier and more busy, Jack encourages everyone to simplify the season...wish I were in Hawaii for the holidays:)

Have a great weekend!  

Any exciting plans?

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  1. Surprise - we're going to Hawaii!! (Or maybe we can just watch a tropical romantic comedy and drink MaiTais.)

  2. I found that rolling on the actual ITB made it worse, so these days, I just stay off it and it stays ok. Whatever helps you though...stick with it so you can get out there asap!

  3. I will be baking goodies and running!!

  4. We had snow down here, too, just flurries but still fun. :)

    Sorry the treatment is painful...hopefully therapy is over soon and you don't need a repeat!

    This weekend...tough trail race tomorrow, and then decisions decisions on Sunday. My son has a volleyball tournament, a friend has a cyclocross race that I was planning to go to, and another friend is wanting to go mountain biking. I can do 2/3 but not all.

  5. Aw, I hope all this rest and physical therapy does the trick for you, girl! ::hugs::


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