Monday, December 12, 2011

Maple Grove Forest Preserve

After lazing on the couch last Sunday afternoon watching football, we decided to get the family out for some fresh air.  We headed over to Maple Grove Forest Preserve, a little gem located just west of our downtown.  This is a great park with multipurpose trails winding through a maple forest.  Although Little A Bomb was on foot, the main crushed gravel trail is large enough for a double stroller.  Side trails provide more interesting terrain and additional distance for exploring, trail running or bike riding.

Rear view of the Columbia Key Three Softshell

The kids enjoyed climbing on fallen trees, looking for wildlife and pretending to be secret agents.   Munchkin did a great job of hiding - didn't catch him in a single picture:).

Good thing Tazer is wearing his "banana jacket"
Gaigai sporting a Columbia shell
Kovas and Little A Bomb bringing up the rear.
Heading home for dinner:)

Happy Monday!  

How do you keep your family active on weekends?

(Disclaimer:  Columbia Key Three Softshell was provided to me at no cost as part of a sponsorship.)

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  1. No Meatless Monday? Bummer. Love Maple Woods!

  2. What a great day out with the family! Love the pictures. :)

    My middle son was in a volleyball tournament all day Sunday, so he was plenty active, which is a good thing since he spent all of Saturday playing video games at his dad's. :P I drag my youngest to orienteering meets with me when I can, but this Sunday he stayed active playing basement football with his dad while the pros were on. I'm sure Jeff didn't get much watching in, what with ducking the tackles and avoiding getting hit in the face with the ball. :)

  3. Hiking at the local state parks is a mainstay for us in winter. Everyone is happier for doing it!

  4. That looks like a great little forest preserve. It's not too far from me - I'll have to check it out sometime.

  5. What a great day with the family! We normally try to do something with our dogs who have an endless amount of energy!


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