Monday, December 5, 2011

Meatless Monday - Another Quickie: PB Chocolate Chip Balls

Tazer's PB Chocolate Chip Balls

A while back I did a Larabar tasting with my kids, and after looking at the ingredients Tazer said, "Hey, we could make these!" So for his first attempt, he tried a cashew/date mix cashew bar - with great results! This time he tried peanut butter chocolate - again very simple ingredients - 1/3 c. dates (whole), 1/2 c. peanuts and 1/4 bittersweet chocolate chips and easy to make.  Using our hand blender (I'm thinking a mini food prep may be a good thing to put on my Christmas list), he chopped the dates, then the peanuts and finally the chocolate. Next he formed them into little balls with his hands and then we tasted...

Here's what we thought:
Tazer (10) - I love them!  Nutty, sweet and all blends together nicely!
Gaigai (9) - First flavor - chocolate, taste peanutty, smells like peanut butter; delicious; not too sweet; has lots of little chunks of nuts, squishy
Munchkin (4) - I taste chocolate and peanuts.  Epic!
No tasting for Little A Bomb - holding off on peanuts for a little while longer...

I broke my "no chocolate except Saturdays" rule - just to have a little taste:) (doesn't count, right?).  Great chocolate and peanut taste - and not too sweet - you can adjust the sweetness by adding more or less dates.  

I love these bars - so simple, quick and economical!  

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  

Did you do anything exciting?

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  1. Of course I'd switch out the peanuts for something healthier, ut otherwise they sound great. If not a mini food processor, maybe a Forever Lazy outfit will be under the tree for you!

  2. That sounds easy enough for me to try, and how cool that the kids are so invested in trying to make it on their own!

    I had my second (and last, booo) adventure race of the year Saturday. It was wonderful. And then I did absolutely nothing on Sunday. Which was also pretty great.

  3. I've not even looked for dates at the grocery. Where best can I find them you think?


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