Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

After not such a great start to the year - Tazer woke to find his fiddler crab was no longer alive, the rest was great fun.  I started my "back to running" program on the treadmill - intervals of walking with a couple of minutes of running.  No knee pain while running (and feels good today:) - yahoo!).  Next our family headed to the track to run two laps around the track, one backwards for 2011 and one forwards for the year ahead.

photo curtesy of Midwest Multisport Life
When we finished our laps, we headed home to finish cleaning in preparation for lunch in honor of my grandmother's 100th birthday.  Surprisingly she is still with it mentally, but unfortunately her body is not.  I was thinking about her lifestyle and if she had any of the habits that promote longevity.  The ones that come to mind are  - tight circle of friends, active socially, religious, eating fresh, not-processed food (although maybe a little too much:)), lots of yogurt, and drinking in moderation...still hard to believe - 100 years!!

Gaigai and Munchkin helping the birthday girl  blow out her candles.

Great start to the year - running, 100th birthday celebration with family, and a clean house:)

How was your start to 2012?

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  1. It was a good tart to the New Year - relatively unhurried and mellow. Lots of good food, wine, and family time!

  2. Happy birthday to your grandma! :)

    Starting the day/year with the death of a pet is never a good thing...glad the rest of it was better! My New Year's Day was spent sleeping in a little, reading 2 books, and running with a friend (one son at his dad's, and my husband and youngest were at the Rams game, so I was on my own). Both fun and restful

  3. Happy New year to the whole family!
    health and joy for 2012!

  4. 100 years - wow - what a milestone! I did 2 miles speed walking on the treadmill and then 10 minutes on the stationary bike this morning. Then some stretching. I feel SO good today!! I wish I could get into the running, but it hurts my knees as well. Maybe I'll try your walk/run method.


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