Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Funny - Benefits of Telecommuting

In the near future, Kovas will be teleworking most days, I wonder if this is what's in store for us...

Happy Friday!!

Any fun plans for the weekend?


  1. Oh I almost spit my coffee out on the screen.... so funny!

    Well, Kovas? What do you have to say about this?


  2. I like your thinking! I'm down to shorts, socks and shirt right mow - with warmer weather, who knows? :)

  3. If the kids aren't home, then that look might be a good thing! LOL! Funny stuff.

  4. Yeah. This could be rough.

    - Beard (all the time)
    - Sweatpants
    - Find ways to stay in bed longer since commute is 10 feet
    - showers at weird times of the day
    - The "pretend I'm not home" speech on days when there is no school but it's a business day.
    - Lunch hour workouts that drift to 1:15 +

    So many more.


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