Thursday, March 1, 2012

Three for Thursday - Rollers, Treadmill and Giveaway

For his 57th birthday, we bought Kovas rollers...

okay - not for his hair, for his bike... 


Unfortunately I missed seeing his first (and second) attempt riding on them:(  So no more trainer for Kovas.  Although they are a bit scary at first, he says riding on the rollers vs. trainer is much closer to riding on the road and a lot quieter.  Enjoy in good health (and for better health)!  Myliu!


I prefer running outdoors, but last week I took Kovas' suggestion and popped in a DVD for my last couple treadmill runs.  I have to say that watching an action-packed movie really makes the time and miles fly...add a fan plus a bathroom close by, and I can see how some get so attached:)  

On most days, I'd still rather be here...

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Rollers or Trainer?
Treadmill or Outdoors?
Need new socks?


  1. You
    Love it!!

  2. you had me at ...rollers....
    no no just kidding...

    outside for me....
    the machine gives me weird pain...

    is it Kovas bday?
    did I miss it...

  3. Can KP do one armed one are one legged balance tricks yet?

  4. You nailed it...

    treadmill + interesting movie + fan + towel = okay

    I can only do treadmill for more than half an hour if I have a fan and a movie and a towel.

  5. Interesting that you'd rather run at the beach. Maybe we should move? :)

  6. I would much rather run outside, but I view the treadmill as a necessary evil, living in Wisconsin (not so much this year though, Yay!)

    The roller looks interesting. Pretty sure I'd fall right over!

  7. Why have i never heard of rollers? My bike is still not on the trainer and I think i won't even bother at this point.
    I'd much rather run outside but the treadmill is a necessary evil sometimes.


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