Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits - Maximize Your Results

Cyclists who warmed up with 6 minutes of moderately hard activity were able to work out at their highest intensity for significantly longer than athletes who rested.  Exercising before a ride or run activates an increased number of muscle fibers. (Shape)

Image from cyclingnews.com
Taking a break in the middle of a sweat session can actually increase fat burning, according to researchers from the University of Tokyo.  Study volunteers who did two30-minute stints of cycling with a 20-minute rest in between converted 20 percent more fat to energy compared with when they cycled for 60 minutes straight. (Women's Health)

Training for shorter races will improve your power and cadence, which will ultimately help you speed up over longer distances. (Runner's World)

Recent review of studies published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that eating 6 to 25 grams of protein within an hour of exercising significantly increases muscle repair and growth, compared with not noshing. (Shape)

What's your favorite source of post run protein?

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  1. I love having a chocolate Boost after long workouts!!

  2. I'll agree with Stacey and go with chocolate - add nuts for protein!

  3. Very interesting about the mid-workout break. I find the opposite effect for me, but maybe that's b/c I am old and stiffen up once I've stopped! I do like a good warm-up, though.

    I love chocolate milk post=workout, and I also do my kale smoothies with protein powder several times/week post-workout.

  4. I like this post and I want a shake or smoothie after a workout, cottage cheese or greek yogurt PB YUM!!!!

  5. I stiffen up, too, though I do love a nice break! :)

    How about a nice, big burger? :)

  6. Love the idea that the shorter races can help speed up our longer races. I need to get on that wagon.

    I crave chocolate milk after workouts, but I think that's mainly about sugar, not protein. Though I go for whole milk. Boom.

  7. I have a high protein smoothie after a long run... shorter, I have chocolate milk perhaps... but whatever I have it always includes a banana.

  8. Great tidbits! I've recently discovered the same thing about mid-workout breaks. The protein thing is so true! My go to is protein powder of course.


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