Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Balance Gear Giveaway is hosting another giveaway - this time it's for a New Balance gear, including shoes.  Check it out...

Spring is a magical time that only occurs a few weeks out of the year. It’s when the world seems alive again—growing, sprouting, blooming right before our eyes. It’s easy to be swept up in that energy of revitalization. It inspires us to head straight for the door and run for miles upon miles letting the cool breeze and sweet smells encapsulate us every step of the way. 

But hold your horses. Some of us might not be fully prepared to leap into that five-mile run. 

That’s why we need your help. Take yourself back to those first few runs you ever did. There has to be one or two things you wish you’d known back then that you most definitely know now. It might be a certain meal you eat or a stretch you do that really does the trick. Maybe it’s an app you use or an outfit you wear that helps you train better than ever. And, yes, it can even be the running shoes. 

For your insight into training, you could be greatly rewarded. What’s up for grabs? A New Balance outfit to cover your spring training needs. That’s right. We will dress you from head to toe in New Balance gear. This includes a technical running shirt, running shorts or skirt and New Balance running shoes of your choice. 

So, how can you win? All you have to do is answer the simple question below in the comment section of the post found at

 What’s your favorite spring training tip? 

Feel free to leave your comment here, but to enter the contest, you need to also enter it in the comment section of

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