Thursday, May 3, 2012

iRun Earphone Review

iRun… Stay Focused and Untangle Your Life.

Kovas and I had the opportunity to try out some iRun earphones.  With ordinary earphones I use the ClipE to keep the wires from tangling and bouncing all over.  Similar to this idea, but taking it a step further is the iRun line of earphones.  iRun earphones have a shorter cord and come with three sets of different sized soft inserts.

The iRun Advantage has made the world rethink what it "knew" about earphones. By introducing the first set of earphones that was specifically engineered with arm mounted digital media players and smart phones in mind, the iRun Advantage shatters the idea that "one size fits all". Through ergonomics and anatomical engineering, iRun has created an earphone that not only shortens the overall wire length by more than 35%, but also realizes that both ears require different length wires to create the most streamlined, efficient and worry-free earphone configuration available in the world. This advance in engineering and design allows you to enjoy listening to your music and focus on your training without the distractions those other earphones creates.

With the choice of three different sized soft inserts, I was able to find the size that best fit my ears.  The iRun Advantage earphones stayed put in my ears and the short cord stayed out of my way - allowing me to focus on my runs (or zone out and not have to worry about cords:).  

(Disclaimer: We were sent these items for free to review on our blogs, courtesy of iRun Earphones. We did not pay for the items, receive payment for this review, or agree to give a positive review. Aside from information gleaned from the company website, the opinions are my own.)

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  1. So glad they fit you - I felt bad they didn't work out for me, especially since they seem like a quality product!

  2. I use Sennheiser IE4's and they have a long cord but I run them under my shirt to keep them from bouncing. I need to hit them up for some free product to review :-)


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