Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wilderness Wednesday: Black Partridge Woods

Last weekend, after dropping the older two kids at Lithuanian school, the rest of the family headed to Black Partridge Woods.  These woods, located less than 10 minutes from the school, were a great new find for us!

"Black Partridge Woods in Cook County was one of the first dedicated nature preserves in Illinois. The river bluffs, ravine forests, and spring-fed streams represent communities typical of the Morainal Section of the Northeastern Morainal Natural Division of Illinois. The mesic forests are dominated by sugar maple, basswood, red oak and white oak, while the seep springs support skunk cabbage, marsh marigold, and a wide variety of spring wildflowers. Common animal species observed in the preserve include woodcock, gray squirrel, American toad, wood pewee, and red-headed woodpecker. The mottled sculpin, an uncommon bottom dwelling fish, occurs in the stream. Sculpins are restricted to cold and highly oxygenated waters like the stream at the preserve. Black Partridge was a chief and influential leader of the Potawatomi Indians in Illinois during the early 1800's. His village was once located approximately 20 miles north of Peoria, but he is known to have traveled widely in Illinois." (from IL DNR)

River bluffs, ravines and spring-fed streams, the Black Partridge Woods is a beautiful place for a hike and to view a diverse array of spring wildflowers.  It was fun to see an adventurous Munchkin running along the trails and climbing up the hills:)

Ravines and dense forest, with trees that have not leafed out yet... 
and perfect timing to catch a glimpse of spring wildflowers.
Great place for a photography club outing.
Known for its spring wildflowers, it's not surprising that we came across a bunch of photographers taking pictures.  The following week, scouting out another new park, Kovas drove by the Woods - not a single car in the parking lot...definitely worth returning to with the whole family or for a trail run.

Have you visited any new parks lately? 

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  1. That was such a neat find. Can't wait to return there again, definitely with the whole family!

  2. Looks like a beautiful place for some trail running too if the trails are long enough.


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