Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hero Rush - Firefighter for a Day

Kovas and I are excited to try out a new event - Hero Rushthe latest, greatest event for athletes, weekend warriors, young professionals, families – you name it, there’s something fun and challenging for everyone.  

"Designed by veteran firefighters, the course and obstacles will enable everyone to feel the rush of being a firefighter for a day! We start with a 5k+ course, but instead of military style obstacles, ours will simulate the challenges that firefighters face on the job. Runners will climb ladders, scale steep roofs, bust through windows and doors, drag massive fire hoses, crawl through smoke-filled mazes, and more. No mud pits, but there will be tons of water and, at some events, even an opportunity for spectators to take aim on the runners!" (from Hero Rush).

A pleasant surprise addition to our race schedule, Kovas and I received 2 media passes, courtesy of Hero Rush.  The event sounds like a ton of fun - in addition to the 5k+ course, there's food, music and entertainment, plus 2 kid's adventure courses.  Although our oldest has expressed a huge interest in participating, Kovas and I are going to try this first - and make it a weekend for ourselves:) - maybe next year, Tazer!  

Come join us and support a great cause - Hero Rush is a proud supporter of the 
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation, and in addition will also designate a 
local fire-related charity in each host city to support.

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