Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday Training

This past Saturday, Gaigai, Tazer and I headed to the DuPage River Greenway.  With 9 miles on the schedule for my long run and a pleasant ride for Tazer and Gaigai, our plan was to follow the Greenway and connect to the ComEd Greenway.  Thinking this was a out and back, we were a little surprised when we didn't run into the connecting trail.

DuPage River Greenway runs parallel to the East Branch of the DuPage River (nice easy river to canoe). The 10 foot wide linear path traverses woodlands, prairie, wetlands and through the Hidden Lake Historic Trout Farm.

Deer having breakfast
Mostly shaded, the paved trail is ideal for biking, hiking, running, rollerblading and cross country skiing with several well located port-a-potties along the way.

Tazer and Gaigai on their bikes

Slipping back into my loosey goosey training mode and enjoying the morning with the kids, I opted not to stress when the miles didn't add up:).

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  1. Looks like such a nice place. I'd love to run there. I have a similar trail and we have tons of deer here too so I usually see some :)

  2. That is a good trail, so many uses. Good parking and lots of portapotties are nice bonuses.

  3. Looks like a fantastic trail. I love running with the kids on bikes. Great way to combine it all!

  4. Looks like a great place to run with the kids along! :)

  5. the fact that it was fun is the important thing! Glad you enjoyed!


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