Sunday, July 15, 2012

Talking Dirty - Mud Run Lingo and CustomInk

Kovas and I had our first mud run experience last month at Warrior Dash - so much fun!! Soon we'll be trying another - Hero Rush - similar, but "more than just a mud run."  We talked about coordinating our outfits...but somehow didn't...Maybe next time we'll try CustomInk, which allows you to design custom T-shirts, or "mud duds" online.

CustomInk has also created a Mud Run Lingo Glossary.  Here are some of my favorites:

Bake n’ Cake [beyk-and-keyk] · Verb
Standing in the sun until the mud that covers you becomes a dirty crust.

Birthday Suitors [burth-dey-soo-ters] · Noun
Those men who choose to complete mud races in various stages of undress, or in Speedos.

Fon-dudes [fon-doodz] · Noun
Men so totally covered in mud they look like they were dipped in a chocolate fountain.

The Freshwater 15 [thuh-fresh-wot-er-fif-teen] · Noun
The weight that your clothes and shoes gain after going through the first water obstacle.

Kicking Ash [kik-ing-ash] · Verb
Clearing the fire hazard in one glorious leap.

Lemming [lem-ing] · Verb
To jump off of a tall obstacle mindlessly following those in front of you without regard for your personal safety.

Mud Suds [muhd-suhdz] · Noun
The well-earned beer you down after crossing the finish line.

Official Debriefing [uh-fish-uhl-dee-bree-fing] · Noun
The recounting of your race tales while disrobing; usually held in a parking lot.

Slip Slops [slip-slops] · Noun
What any pair of previously functional shoes becomes after you’ve completed the race.

Mud Duds [muhd-duhdz] · Noun
The custom t-shirts, accessories and other apparel you and your friends don for team unity in a mud race.

If you haven't tried a mud run, you should - they really are a lot of fun.  If you're in the Chicago area, check out Hero Rush, July 28th - enter promo codes MultiSportLife15 or WomensEndurance 15 for 15% off registration.

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