Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Tuesday Training

Slight change of plans - Hero Rush has been postponed to October 6.  Kind of a bummer, we were looking forward to it this weekend but will have to wait a bit longer.  Tazer and Gaigai have started "training" for their triathlon.  They've been running on the treadmill,  both joined me at the track on Friday, and Tazer has been cycling along on my long runs.

A  slow start to the week but then stepped it up a bit:)

Monday - rest  (up to Michigan with the kids)

Tuesday - rest (still in Michigan with the kids:)

Wednesday - Key Run 1 - treadmill - 1 easy, 2 MT, 1 easy, 2 MT, 1 easy

Thursday - cycling on trainer - 35 easy

Friday - Key Run 2 - track repeats goal - 2x (6x400) w 90 RI - 2 min 30 sec RI bet sets - actual 10x400

Saturday - cycling on the trainer - 40 min planned - only squeezed in 10 easy, 10 tempo

Sunday - Key Run 3 - 8 hilly miles at HMP + 20;  Tazer came along again on his bike and carried my water and phone - I really enjoy his company and help on my longer runs:)

Pictures never show how big hills really are...
I also started the JCORE program with Kovas this week -- tough!  Great workout and the best thing about it is that it's only 20 minutes 6 days a week:)

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  1. It was a bummer about Hero Rush, but now it seems like it will fit in with our anniversary wine trail trip. Maybe we can work off some of the food and wine we'll be enjoying!

  2. Too bad about the Hero Rush--kind of makes planning tough!

    Love that your kids are "training" for their triathlons. Mine love to do them.


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