Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wilderness Wednesday - Waterfall Glen

Last week for my long run, Tazer and I headed down to Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve. With an almost 10 mile loop, plus some shorter spurs, this is a great trail for runners, cyclists, equestrians, walkers, and cross-country skiers. The smooth, gently winding, wide path is somewhat hilly - although we took a detour and managed to find some major hills:), and offers plenty of shade and dynamic scenery.  From wooded hills to wetlands and open prairie vistas, the ever-changing scenes on the trail easily kept our interest for the entire loop.

Marshy area
Typical section of trail
Some sort of ruins along the trail
My sherpa:)
Being a Saturday the trail was pretty packed - there were plenty of cyclists and CARA was having a group run providing water along the way.  Tazer was my sherpa, carrying my drink, chomps, keys and taking photos along the way - a very pleasant run:)

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  1. I love having someone with me to carry all my stuff. LOL :)

    What kind of detour did you find? I have only done the 10 mile course :)


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