Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Tuesday Training

I was kind of a slacker in terms of training last week, but I did manage two key runs and finally rode outside with Tazer.  A couple of weeks ago, Tazer rode along while I ran the loop at Waterfall Glen which he really enjoyed, so this week we decided to ride the loop together.
Strong storms the night before gave us some needed rain
 and took down some large trees. 
Opting not to take the little detour (with the big hills), we had a very pleasant ride.  Tazer and Gaigai will be participating in a triathlon this Sunday, so his riding (and occasional running) with me has been good preparation for him.

Lingering clouds...
Happy to say, especially considering the North Face Endurance is coming up in 4 short weeks, I'm off to a better start this week:)

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  1. So awesome that you can include the kids! If only they were up at 4 to go with me. Not really. :)

  2. Laughing at Kovas' comment--yeah, 4 a.m. is NOT ideal wake-up time for kids! Can't believe your race is in four weeks. Summer has flown!

  3. 4 a.m. is not an ideal wake-up time for me. Come to think of it neither is 6 a.m.! Good luck in your training.

  4. Good luck with this week! Glad it's off to a good start for you.


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