Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tuesday Training

I started and ended my training week with fun group activities...

Sunday - Cross training ride at Danada and Herrick Lake Forest Preserves with Tazer and Gaigai.  These two forest preserves have connecting wide crushed gravel paths, perfect for cycling, running and horseback riding.  It was great (half) family time and good preparation for the kids' triathlon.  Gaigai's race recap coming soon!

Monday - rest day - off to Michigan:)

Tuesday - key run - tempo 6 miles - nice easy miles along the lakeshore

Wednesday - another rest day (should have cycled...)

Thursday - key run - track repeats - 3 x 1600 (400 RI).  Only finished 2 before it started pouring.  I wasn't prepared for the rain, so I cut my track time short and finished up on the treadmill.

Friday - rest day (could have cycled...)

Saturday - key run/ZOOMA training run at Busse Woods.  I normally run alone, but running and chatting really helped the miles go by...thanks for organizing Kim!

photo courtesy of Kelly's husband

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  1. A good training week, with lots of fun places to run and ride!

  2. Ugh! 1600s! BARF. Thank heavens for the rain ;) LOL, just kidding.

    Thanks for coming out Sat! It was awesome to see you again. I am excited to hear about the kids' tris!


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