Wednesday, September 5, 2012

No Soccer, No Screen-Time and No Homework

Diagnosis:  Concussion
Treatment:  No Soccer, No Screen-Time and No Homework
After Tazer's nasty fall on his bike on Monday, we decided to take him to the pediatrician to have him cleared before heading back to soccer practice.  Much to both of our surprise, the doctor gave orders for no physical activity, including soccer, no electronic media and no testing or homework for the next two days.  Mostly precautionary, but since Tazer blacked out momentarily after the fall, could not remember the accident, had a slight headache and some photosensitivity (all concussive signs), we don't want to take any chances.  So for the next couple days, he's to be a couch potato - minus the tv:)  We are to watch for headache, photosensitivity, confusion, difficulty concentrating, increased sleep, difficulty sleeping, mood swings, and anger amongst other symptoms.  Hopefully he continues symptomless, and can return to normal activity by next week!

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