Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Training Mishaps and No More Training Wheels!

Yesterday Tazer and Gaigai rode along on my run on the Prairie Path -- a nice wide, crushed gravel path.  Unfortunately about a mile in, Tazer hit some huge ruts in the path and took a nasty fall, blacking out momentarily.  Luckily Kovas was nearby with our two little ones and the car, and met us quickly on the trail.  Bruised, bloody and really shaken up, we cleaned up Tazer's wounds as best we could and loaded everyone back into the car.  We were on our way to spend the day at my parents' and decided to continue on to their house so that my father, who conveniently is a retired orthopaedic surgeon, could take a look at Tazer.  After thoroughly cleaning all the wounds, then icing and elevating, Tazer calmed down.  Most frightening to him, he could not remember the fall or what happened just before or after.  After some time on the couch, he had some lunch and then spent some time in the pool.  With the sound of Tazer and Munchkin bickering, and talk of "Minecraft" houses, we knew Tazer was back...

collage courtesy of MML
On a happier note, Munchkin decided to have his training wheels taken off.  So yesterday when we came home from my parents', Kovas took the training wheels off his bike and we all headed to a local park with a gently sloping hill.  Kovas and I took turns holding Munchkin as he rode down and back up.  Finally getting the sense of balance, Kovas was able to let go momentarily and Munchkin continued to ride on his own for a short while.  After several successful attempts, Munchkin decided to call it quits for the day.  Couple more sessions, and he'll be zooming around on his own!!

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  1. Poor kid... good thing he's so resilient!

  2. Poor guy! I hate when my kids get hurt--would trade places with them in a minute!

    And yay to ditching training wheels!

  3. It's good you're a nice mom-nurse-empathetic/sympathetic person, because he didn't get too much of it from me. :) Glad he's okay.

  4. So happy that Tazer is okay! That must have been scary! LOL @ the bickering being a sign that Tazer was back! Hee hee.

  5. Oh, wow...scary! J fell a couple years ago while miniature golfing (yeah, we go for the extreme sports. :D) and blacked out for a moment. Lucky you had a dr in the family!

  6. Poor guy. That would be scary to be unable to remember a wreck that caused so much pain. And my kids are fully obsessed with minecraft. Even the three year olds.

  7. That's so scary. I have 6 - much older now. But my daughter when she was 8 or 9 was twirling round and round on the asaphalt and fell, bonked her head, was knocked out and couldn't remember anything. Very scary, she was fine. Thankful your little one is fine!! Hard to be a parent at times.


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