Thursday, October 4, 2012

Three Things Thursday

To celebrate National Taco Day today, I'm going to try this recipe from September's issue of Triathlete: Quinoa-Walnut Tacos with Late-Summer Salsa.  Check back on Monday for the recipe and results!
Quinoa Walnut Tacos
Speaking of tacos - a couple days ago, I had some delicious tacos at Zocalo Restaurant and Tequila Bar in Chicago (and an amazing organic margarita:).  Too bad we don't live closer - we could go there for tacos tonight:)  For the full write-up of our dining experience, head over to 50 States of Wine...

Non food related - there's still time to register for the ZOOMA Great Lakes 5k and half marathon.  Check out their website and enter GLAMB6 for a discount on registration!  Also, if you live near Austin, TX (or will be travelling there end of March), enter the Run to Texas Giveaway for a chance to win 2 entries and 2 massages!

ZOOMA Great Lakes

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  1. Looking forward to trying out the tacos!

  2. National Taco Day! Darn, we made Mexican on Tuesday night. We love love love tacos. I never thought to put quinoa in them!

    The TX ZOOMA race sounds fun!!!! :)

  3. Hmmm...I have to say, those tacos don't sound all that appealing to me. I'll be interested in hearing how you guys like them!


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