Friday, November 2, 2012

National Running Safety Month

November is National Running Safety Month. 

Brooks Nightlife Jacket
Heading out for an early morning run wearing the Brooks Nightlife Jacket
Think safety first when heading out for run.  The shorter days of fall and winter force us out for more early morning and late evening runs in the dark. Here are some tips from Brooks Running on staying safe:

1. Be Visible - Wear bright colors and reflective gear during low-light hours. 

2. Run Against Traffic - If you’re running next to a road, this helps cars to see you as they approach, plus you can see them.

3. Obey All Traffic Laws - Clearly signal to cars where you are going.

4. Open Your Eyes - Wait, watch and listen for cars before crossing intersections.

5. Keep Your I.D. on You (or wear your Road ID) - And don’t forget to carry your cell phone at all times. 

6. Stay on Well Lit Paths -  And while you’re at it, run with a friend or in a group, or your dog.

Other tips:

7.  Run without music - If you opt to wear headphones, consider only putting in one bud and keep the volume low.

8.  Tell someone where you are planning to run and about when to expect you back.

9.  Trust your instincts - if you're not comfortable going somewhere or something doesn't seem right - don't do it!

Do you have any other Safety Tips to add to the list?

Have a safe and happy weekend!

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  1. Bring your phone - in case of an emergency, people can reach you and you can call for help.

  2. Well, I abide by 2, 3, and 4...and occasionally 7-9. I tend to dress like a ninja for night runs. And day runs, for that matter...the price of having mostly dark running clothes.


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