Monday, December 24, 2012

T'was the Run Before Christmas

T'was the Run Before Christmas

T'was the run before Christmas
and all down the road
not a creature was stirring,
t'was the runner's abode.

The snow had been falling
for many an hour,
and it covered all things
with it's powdery shower.

Preparations were finished
for our Christmas delight,
I just needed to run
before sleeping the night.

My footfalls were silent
not a sound did I make
as I looked left and right
which path would I take?

But something inside me--
for no reason at all--
chose a new path ahead,
the least traveled of all.

I ran down the path
surefooted and strong,
for somehow I knew
that no foot would land wrong.

As I rounded a bend
'neath a moon full and bright,
I was stopped in my tracks
by a wondrous sight.

T'was eight tiny deer,
and a sleigh colored red,
and a bearded old man
who seemed very well fed.

He was pushing the sleigh,
pushed again, and then thrice,
but it moved not an inch---
it was stuck in the ice.

Then he looked up and saw me
standing there, mouth agape,
and he said "Can you help me?
I've a bit of a scrape."

"We've been working all night,
from the East to the West.
My deer need a break,
so we stopped for a rest."

"But now break time is over
and just look what I've found--
My sleigh is now stuck,
frozen hard to the ground!"

"I know you're a runner,
not a magical elf.
But we've something in common
I'm a runner myself!"

"Although I look heavy
and jolly, no fear.
Tonight's cookies did this,
I'll run it off by next year"

So together we pushed,
with the deer pulling strong
till we broke the sleigh free--
got it moving along.

"Back in business!" he cried
with a face full of glee
"I've more gifts to disperse
before morning, you see."

"Many Thanks for your help,
I'm not putting it mild--
You've helped save the day
for many a child!"

"Santa's never met a runner
that he didn't like,
so for your child at home
here's a shiny new bike!"

"And although you might think
you're too old for all that,
I've some nice gifts for you
hidden under my hat."

"So here's a Forerunner
to measure each run
and a shirt made of Cool-Max
for your runs in the sun."

"And some new running shoes
the right type for your feet,
and for tunes... an I-Pod
(That's really quite neat!)"

"Though it's winter right now
have no fear of a storm,
for here's Under-Amour
to help keep you warm."

"For you're never too old,
nor it too late to start,
if the Magic of Christmas
lives on in your heart."

Then the deer they did leap
and the man and the sleigh,
took flight in a flash
and went soaring away!

So I took these gifts home
my heart joyous you see,
for the Magic of Christmas
will live on inside me.

His parting words filled my soul
as my house came in sight--
"Merry Christmas to all!
And to all a Good Night!"

from RunnersWorld forum

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  1. What a great poem - and a runner's wish list to boot!

  2. Cute! I think I'd keep the shiny new bike for myself, though. ;-)

    Merry Christmas, Laima!

  3. Super cute! I was thinking of doing this myself but have no poetic/story telling skills. Great job!


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