Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tuesday Tidbits

What to eat...

onions yogurt apples

Antioxidants in onions may block the formation of compounds that harm the brain's protective barrier during a stroke.

The healthy probiotic bacteria in yogurt, cheese and other fermented dairy products may help slash type  2 diabetes risk.

Scientists at the University of Iowa found that a compound known as ursolic acid that is found in apples and other fruits increased metabolism-revving muscle mass and upped levels of brown fat (which burns other fat) in lab mice.

What not to eat...

A study in Public Health Nutrition says 96% of entrees sold in American chain restaurants contain more than a third of the USDA's daily recommended amounts for calories, sodium and total or saturated fats.

Sugar is bad for your teeth and may be bad for your mind too.  Maze-trained rats ran a course much slower when they's been fed sugar-spiked water daily for six weeks.  Researchers also noted that effect was more pronounced if diets were not supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids.

from Women's Health Magazine

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  1. Oh, food...the more I try to learn, the less I feel like I know. At least these items don't conflict with what I think I know. :)

  2. All common sense -- wonder if non-dairy fermented items have the same benefits?


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