Friday, February 22, 2013

Fun Things Friday

We've all been enjoying having my brother and nephew stay with us for a couple days...especially Little A.  It's given me a little taste of what it would be like to have twins.  My favorite is hearing them converse in toddler/English/Lithuanian:)

Wednesday night we had the pleasure of tasting 8 reds from the Finger Lakes region.  It's fun to sit back at home tasting wines (especially on a school night), but we're looking forward to visiting some of the Finger Lakes wineries soon - hopefully this fall!

wine tasting - 50 States of wine
Wine tasting spread

The kiddos have been preparing for their talent show for a couple months now.  Munchkin with a group of kindergarteners will do Kung Fu Fighting, Gaigai with a group of 4th grade girls will do Annie's Hard Knock Life, and Tazer with a buddy will play an acoustic version of Sweet Child O'Mine.  The big show is tomorrow at our local theater - wishing them all good luck!!

Tazer guitar
Tazer practicing getting ready for the talent show

Happy Friday!
Any fun plans for the weekend?

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  1. What a busy week we had! Great pic of the little buddies.

  2. So fun to have family visit.

    My daughter just had her talent show audition last night--she and her friends are doing a spoof on synchronized swimming and I must admit, it's pretty darn cute!


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