Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Yaktrax Run Review

The Yaktrax Run is an ice traction device anatomically designed for use with running shoes. Run naturally on packed snow and ice with the Yaktrax Run's combination of removable spikes and steel coils, providing 360° of unbeatable traction. Continue your training during the winter with the same stability you are accustomed to on dry surfaces. The Yaktrax Run can be worn in temperatures as low as -41° Fahrenheit.

Yaktrax runs on Newtons
Yaktrax Run on my Newton Lady Isaacs

Features include:

  • Made of High Strength Natural Rubber 
  • 1.4 MM Stainless Steel Coils 
  • Carbide Steel Spikes 
  • Reflective Heel Tab and Performance Strap for safety 
  • Anatomic Right/Left Design for proper fit 
  • Lightweight - 9.7 - 11.7 oz.

Kovas and I received a couple pairs of Yaktrax Runs back in was not until a week or so ago that we actually had a chance to test them out!

Out for our first stroll in the snow...
It's pretty easy to put on the Yaktrax Run - first put on your running shoes, then put toe of shoe into Yaktrax and stretch on to heel and then strap on top strap.  I was afraid they wouldn't work with the Newton platform, but no problems!  Once on, I almost forget I'm wearing them - except for the great traction they provide. Yaktrax cautions not to use indoors, on gravel, concrete or sanded roads cleared of snow and to avoid any non-icy, non-snowy surfaces when wearing Yaktrax.  Superb traction augmentation, lightweight, easy on-off and can be used for multiple shoes - Yaktrax Run are a must for those who live with snow and ice!

More information can be found on the Yaktrax websiteFacebook, and Twitter.

Disclaimer: This item was sent to me for review, free of charge. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really liked how they weren't too obvious underfoot.

  2. I definitely want a pair of these someday. Of course, the way our winters are trending, I'd be better served with water skis or something. :-/

  3. I'd like a pair of these someday too. Like Kate said, we hardly get any snow these days so I can't justify buying them until the threat of an ice age returns, like the late 70's :-).

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