Friday, March 22, 2013

World Water Day

World Water Day is held annually on March 22 as a means of focusing attention on the importance of freshwater and advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources.  In addition 2013 has been designated as the International Year of Water Cooperation.  Throughout the Year, the Water Cooperation 2013 campaign will be marked by a number of events, actions and initiatives to raise awareness of the potentials and challenges for water cooperation, facilitate dialogue among actors and promote innovative solutions for nurturing water cooperation.

UN World Water Day
UN - World Water Day and International Year of Water Cooperation

You can do your part by disseminating knowledge and the awareness of the value of water cooperation at local, national and international scales.

Water Cycle
Water Cycle poster for kids

Save water, drink wine - had to get in my Friday Wine Funny:)

Happy Friday!
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  1. I think we're pretty good at water conservation, but it would probably be pretty scary to actually measure it.


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