Monday, April 8, 2013

A Run Makes any Day Better!

you are only one workout away from a good mood
You are only one workout run away from a good mood (from  ZOOMA FB)
A run makes any day better!  After a super busy weekend, this morning's run was a great way to clear my head and start the week off right.  I even added a hill and a couple extra blocks at the end.  The best part, however, was that even though it was gusty and threatening rain, this was my first run of the season without a jacket or gloves!  Warm and stormy - true signs that spring has sprung:)

best run collage
spring at last!!
Head over to MissZippy1 to read other's best run -- thanks to Amanda for organizing this blogger link-up!

 What's your best run?

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  1. So glad Spring is giving us some attention, can't wait for it to get actually warm!

  2. There is nothing better than that first run in nice weather! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love running without gloves, a hat and a jacket. A run definitely makes every day better.

  4. I've noticed a trend in best runs today. The first run in shorts, no gloves, no jacket etc. has been a big hit. I can relate in the opposite way. Because I live in the desert, my first run on the day the weather finally cools down is amazing! I suddenly get faster and stronger. Weather really plays a big part in our perception of our runs.


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