Friday, April 12, 2013

ZOOMA Chicago: Cytomax and Muscle Milk

Being a ZOOMA Ambassador has its perks! Five boxes arrived on our doorstep yesterday, filled with Cytomax and Muscle Milk products to aid us in training for ZOOMA Chicago. The photo isn't even all of the stuff that showed up.

ZOOMA Chicago Cytomax Muscle Milk

If you haven't already registered - do it now:) - use promo code CHIAMB9 to receive 10% off either 1/2 or 10k.  Also, check out the awesome "Run to Chi-town Sweepstakes".

This weekend for me will be soccer, running, family time and whatever else we can fit in!

What are your plans this weekend?

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  1. It's like Christmas! :)

    I've got a 5k and a 60mile ride on Saturday, and then we're celebrating my bday on Sunday. Busy weekend for sure. Enjoy yours!

  2. Enjoy all the goodies you got in the mail!


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