Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Training: What's Beautiful

I am super excited to be part of Under Armour's "What's Beautiful" campaign (through Fitfluential LLC), a movement to redefine the female athlete!   As part of "What's Beautiful," we're asked to define an epic goal, no matter what that goal may be, to push past where we've been before.  To put a goal out to the world and go after it in a big way. 

What's Beautiful Laima

My epic goal this year is to complete a marathon.  My husband, Kovas and I are still trying to figure out which one, but we'll find the right one for us.  This fall is our 15 year anniversary and I turn 40 - so perfect time to conquer something more, something new (for me at least - Kovas has done a marathon and an ultra)!

The "What's Beautiful" competition is open  to teams of women, so if you'd like to complete your goal with me, be it a 5k, 10k or ultra, join me in saying #IWILL and crush your goal.  By sharing our goals and progress, we'll be encouraged and motivated through an Under Armour network of women and receive support from each other, receive training tips and chances to win free swag for meeting and exceeding expectations.  After 10 weeks, 3 females will be chosen for a yoga and surf getaway to Costa Rica.

I'm just as excited to be a  ZOOMA Chicago Ambassador which ties in nicely with my marathon goal this fall.  Through ZOOMA I'm training with CARA through August 10th.  Group training is also new to me, but so far it's working out well.  After the ZOOMA half, I  will continue to prepare for my first full marathon solo (or most likely with Kovas).

So for week one of Summer 1/2 Marathon training:

Monday:  morning neighborhood 3 mile run;  Monday evening was the CARA Summer Half Marathon training kickoff with a 3.2 mile run along the lakefront.  Beautiful evening for it, but I was not sure I'd be able to run and be ready to represent ZOOMA as an ambassador and "social runner" so I opted to run in the am...

Tuesday:  3 mile neighborhood loop with Kovas

Thursday:  almost 3 mile loop in the neighborhood while taking care of some errands - multi-tasking:)

Saturday:  first group training run with CARA out of Wheaton, 4 miles

I should have added some cross training on my off days, but with work, my kids' activities, and wanting to spend time with the family, I didn't squeeze it in.  My goal this week is to make time for cross training as well.

The What's Beautiful campaign, ZOOMA and CARA are blending perfectly to help me get to my goal of completing a full marathon.  Sign up for What's Beautiful and join my What's Beautiful team , then check back here on Tuesdays to see how it's going.

What's your epic goal?

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