Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tuesday Training

Little A on turtle
Little A lazing on his turtle

Sunday we celebrated Little A's 3rd birthday up in Michigan, so Monday I was able to run my 4 miles along the lake.  After some beach time in the morning, we headed home and then my daughter, Gaigai and I went into the city for yoga in the park with Muscle Milk Light - so much fun!

Muscle Milk Light yoga in the park
Yoga in the park sponsored by Muscle Milk Light
Tuesday I ran my 7 miles through the neighborhood.

Back up to Michigan on Thursday for some more fun and relaxation.  Blueberry season has started so we went to our favorite blueberry farm to see what we could find.  Good thing they don't weigh us before and after - as usual, I think we ate more than we collected in our buckets!
blueberry picking in MI
Kiddos blueberry picking

Friday morning I ran another 4 miles along the lake.  My two older kiddos, Tazer and Gaigai are training for a triathlon in August, so I waited until they woke up and took them with for the first 1.5 miles - chilly and breezy, it was perfect weather for a run.  After some breakfast we went kayaking on the nearby Galien River.

Kayaking on the Galien River

Saturday morning, once again cool, breezy and perfect for a long run!  I headed back into Chicago to meet with Kelly the Culinarian, a fellow ZOOMA ambassador and the ZOOMA Half Marathon Challenge Athletes, Samira, Tracy, and Tiffany and together we ran 12 miles along the lakefront path.  These ladies are doing a great job with their training - can't believe ZOOMA Chicago is less than 2 weeks away!  I'm hoping for similar weather for August 10. :)

ZOOMA Half Marathon Challenge Athletes
How's your summer training going?

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  1. Full week, as always, way to keep the training so consistent!

  2. Great training! Love that you're getting to do some running with your kids.

  3. ZOOMA is so close! Yay! Michigan sounds like a lot of fun :)

  4. Oh that looks like a spectacular few days! So nice you can get away to Michigan like that so easily.


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